I WAS SHORT-SHROUDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow....the time has gone by so quickly since my last post!  Between Death Cafes, National Home Funeral Alliance beeswax (I'm now on their Board of Directors!!), and our annual Day of the Dead party, it's almost Thanksgiving! Oh.  And did I happen to mention a MOVE in there??  Whew!Pat, my artist friend, has been hard at work on my shroud.  It is an incredible creation.  She actually brought the shroud for me to "slip in to" at the party on November 1st, and much to her dismay...it was TOO SHORT!!  You should have seen the onlookers gasp as they saw me have to twist and squirm, realizing that an alteration would be in order.  Then we all had a few good belly laughs, including Pat, and she simply had me exit the "body bag" and packed it away so she could make the necessary adjustments.  Please note the gusset and pleats, so clever, and exactly what the corpse ordered!  Also, one observes that the compass point, upon closer scrutiny, reveals an N and an S for North and South. But look again to find an H and an E.  Remember?  Here and Elsewhere!  (I will publish more detailed pictures from this shroud so that these unique features can be appreciated!)
Fast forward to today...Monday, November 10, and see the exquisite handiwork of this artist, and how she made a shroud so beautiful that one could truly say, "It's to DIE for!"