Coronavirus Information:

For the past few weeks, my posse of Piedmont death care professionals has worked diligently on getting this document ready for the public eye.  

We hope the day never comes when you actually find yourself having to use it.  But if you do, know that you have it within yourself to do the needful.  And this guide will help you every step of the way.

May we all be given strength while finding ways to endure these unprecedented times.

Download PDF: Care for Those Who Die at Home in Pandemic Times

I support end of life services for home funerals, funeral and memorial services, and green burial. Please contact me for a free initial consultation.

Home Funeral Guide

Home Funeral Guide

Home funerals are traditional, safe, legal, and healing.

As a home funeral guide, I teach and support families to carry out their own after-death care.

I am trained and experienced in helping provide the guidance a family needs to make informed choices.


Green Burial Consultant

Green Burial Consultant

As a green burial advocate, I work with families to inform them of their options for final disposition.

You don’t have to have a home funeral to have a green burial, but they fit together nicely. Learn more about how I can help support green burial for final disposition. 


Funeral Celebrant

Funeral Celebrant

Did you know you can have meaningful, honoring memorials and funerals that fit your unique situation?

I am trained to help meet the needs of families during their time of loss.

By crafting and providing a funeral service that is unique and individualized to reflect the personality and lifestyle of your loved one, I help families embrace the power of gathering, of ceremony, and of stories so that their grief journey is less overwhelming.