I am pretty sure that most churches have some sort of planning guide for their congregants to help them organize those important final send-offs.   

My church, First Presbyterian in Burlington, North Carolina sure does.  It is a nice resource guide to help people keep their thoughts on file at the church.  The booklet details the types of services available (memorial or full funeral with body present, etc.); examples of scripture and songs which could be used; how to prepare for receptions or meals.   They rightly point out that we will have done a great service to our loved ones by planning ahead.

But when I was looking over the checklist for "at time of death," there was just a block that said "Contact funeral home" and a list of some local funeral businesses.  Hmmm, I thought.  MY NAME SHOULD BE ON THIS LIST!  So I quickly met with our associate pastor (Lindsay helped organize TWO Death Expos at our church and is quite the "deathling!") and told her we needed to include "home funeral guide" as a choice for our church members.   She agreed.   And said planning guide was updated!  (that's my highlighting in the picture)

So now church members know they have a choice, and that they don't have to shell out thousands of dollars to gather "over on the other shore" or "to their home beyond the skies."  Your Home Funeral Guide---ME!---can help with all your Heavenly transportation needs!