Mount Rushmore Didn't Start on a Mountain!

Even though I can't identify the source for this quote, it makes sense. Every great artist, specifically SCULPTORS, use miniatures, models, maquettes to plan out their masterpieces!  That's a LOT of "M" words!!!!!!!!!!  Marvelous! 
Pat is no exception.  When she began to think about how to create a shroud for me, she used her  "Deceased Barbie" to get things going.  In arriving at the design, she had many attendant engineering considerations.  

The things that make the design so special are the boxed and pleated head and foot sections that cocoon the body, simply and securely, and the drape with veil, which can be personalized, and which lets you have that feeling of comforting and protecting and tucking them in for the night (especially if you order it in velvet!).  Pat's stenciling talents are another gift...this expert can do anything to make your shroud truly and remarkably your own special work of art.
Follow Deceased Barbie, Designer Pat, and Not Yet Deceased Sara in their fascinating journey from the designing block to the uncorking of "dead reds" to celebrate!

Boxed ends for good fit and stability.

Closed outer wrap showing chest detail.

Back view showing board pocket, ties, and carrying loops.

Time to enjoy "Skeleton" Malbec and "Hob Nob" Wicked Blend!